Parent-Child Relationships: The Role of Love Attitudes on Attachment, Psychological Adjustment and Resiliency (Child)

​ This project has full ethical clearance from the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee  - Project Number - RO1944

My name is Rebecca Mailli and I am conducting research under the supervision of Dr Peta Stapleton, in the Department of Psychology at Bond University.  I am currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

The aim of this research is to explore whether the way parents and children express and receive love impacts on the quality of their relationship, as well as on the psychological adjustment of the child.

We will be collecting this information via an online survey package that will require responses from both you and your child.  It is anticipated that the completion of the survey package will take up to 45 minutes (approximately 30 minutes for parent responses and 10 - 15 minutes for child responses).  

Parent/Caregiver Participation:

We will ask that you complete questions included in the survey package under Parent Package to provide us with some biographical details on yourself and your child, as well as your own perceptions on your child’s experiences and your relationship with them.  There will also be some questions regarding the way you prefer to express and receive love, as well as your own wellbeing.

Child Participation:

(S)he will be asked a short number of questions in the survey package under Child Package.  The questions will ask him/her to circle an alternative that best fits his/her experiences, as well as their preference for the way they express and receive love.  We ask that you please remain with your child during their completion of the child package to assist them if required.

 We are seeking boys and girls aged between 4 - 12 years  to participate in this study.  One parent/caregiver is also required to participate in the study.  Yours and your child’s participation in this study is completely voluntary.  You may withdraw yourself or your child a any time without risking any adverse consequences.  If you choose to withdraw your or your child’s participation, the information you have provided will be immediately destroyed.  All the data collected in this study will be treated with complete confidentiality, viewed only by the two researchers working on this project.  The information we obtain from you will be dealt with in a manner that ensure you remain anonymous.  Data will be stored in a secured location for a five year period in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee.

In the unexpected event that yourself or your child experiences any distress during the voluntary completion of these questionnaires, the following support services are available:

  • Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • Parent Line: 1300 30 1300

It is anticipated that the data collected during this study will assist us in better understanding parent-child relationships during middle childhood, with a particular focus on the role that love attitudes play in the quality of this relationship, as well as on the psychological adjustment of the child.  We hope to use our research findings for the purpose of educating parents on the ways in which they might be able to build stronger relationships with their children.

Should you have any complaints concerning the manner in which this research is being conducted please make contact with –

Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee,

C/O Bond University Research and Consultancy Services.

Bond University, Gold Coast, 4229

Tel: +61 7 5595 4194 Fax: +61 7 5595 1120 Email:

We thank you for taking the time to assist us with this research.

Continue ONLY when finished. You will be unable to return or change your answers.