The Impact of Attachment on the Propensity to Enlist in the U.S. Military

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The Impact of Attachment on the Propensity to Enlist in the U.S. Military

Investigator:    Sarah Hobbs, M.A…………………………………. ... 940-220-9136


Advisor:          Sally D. Stabb, Ph.D.……..………...………………...940-898-2149

Explanation and Purpose of the Research

You are being asked to participate in a research study for Ms. Hobbs’ dissertation at Texas Woman’s University. The purpose of this research is to examine the factors impacting the likelihood of enlisting in the U.S. military. Specifically, this study seeks to investigate how relationships to parental figures/primary caregivers may impact the likelihood of enlisting. In order to participate, you must be 18 years old.

Research Procedures

For this study, you will be asked to fill out a series of questionnaires related to your future plans after high school graduation as well as your relationship to primary caregivers/parental figures. Your maximum total time commitment in the study is estimated to be approximately 30-45 minutes. You will be able to fill out the questionnaire at your own pace.

You will be asked to complete 4 measures: a personal data form, a measure of your attitudes and values, a measure regarding your relationship with your primary caregivers/parental figures, and a measure regarding trauma experiences.

Potential Risks

Potential risks related to your participation in this study include the possibility of a release of confidential information. Confidentiality will be protected to the extent that is allowed by law. There is a potential risk of confidentiality in all email, downloading, and Internet transactions. Only the investigator and her advisor will have access to the data collected. All files will be stored on a password-protected flash drive that will be stored in a locked drawer in the investigator’s residence. All data will be deleted within two (2) years of the conclusion of the study. It is anticipated that the results will be published in the investigator’s dissertation document as well as in other research publications and local and national presentations. However, no names or other identifying information will be collected or included in any publication. 

In addition, while your anonymity in terms of participation in the study may not be completely guaranteed, given that you may have heard about this study from friends or acquaintances from Facebook or email who have sent links to you, please remember that you have a choice in disclosing information to friends or acquaintances about whether or not you have participated. It is important to note that even if you tell a friend or acquaintance that you have participated, the anonymity of your actual survey answers will not be compromised.

Another risk of participating in this study is possible emotional discomfort due to the potentially sensitive material in the surveys. In this study, you will be asked questions related to delinquency/arrest history, substance use, and specific trauma experiences (i.e. car accidents, natural disasters, abuse). These questions will offer additional information to the researcher regarding how these experiences may impact propensity to join the military.  If you do experience any emotional discomfort regarding any aspect of any of the questionnaires, you may stop answering the questions at any time. A list of mental health resources will be provided at the end of this informed consent and again after you submit your responses. You may choose to print this resource list for future reference.

The researchers will try to prevent any problem that could happen because of this research.

You should let the researcher know at once if there is a problem and she will help you. However, TWU does not provide medical services or financial assistance for injuries that might happen because you are taking part in this research.

Participation and Benefits

You involvement in this research study is completely voluntary, and you may discontinue your participation at any time.

There are indirect benefits as this study may contribute to a growing understanding of how relationships to parental figures during young adulthood may impact the likelihood of enlisting in the military.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing to win one $50 Visa gift card.

You will be asked to include your email address if you would like to be entered for this drawing. This email address will not be connected to your responses and will be not be used for any other purpose than to notify you if you win. Upon completion of the study, all email addresses will be deleted. You are under no obligation to provide your email or to be included in the drawing.

Questions Regarding the Study

If you have any questions concerning this research, you may ask the researchers; their phone numbers are at the top of this form. If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this research or the way the study was conducted, you may contact Texas Woman’s University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 940-898-3378 or via e-mail at You may print a copy of this consent form to keep for your records. You may also contact the investigators at 940-220-9136 or by e-mail at

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This study has been approved by the Texas Woman's University Institutional Review Board (Protocol # 18988).

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