Cover Letter:

Dear Research Participant:


Your participation in a research project is requested.  The title of the study is the Effect of Music on Attitudes and Memory for Rap Music. Shannon Riley, an undergraduate student in the Psychology Department at Barry University, is conducting the research. It is seeking information that will be useful in the field of psychology. This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Barry University. The aims of the research are to examine the effects of different types of rap music on attitudes towards women and recognition and recall memory. In accordance with these aims, the following procedure will be used: Three questionnaire based tasks called the Attitude towards Women Scale, a Recognition Questionnaire and a Recall Task for Memory follows this letter.  I anticipate the number of participants to be at least 135.

If you decide to participate in this research, you will view a video and then answer questions from The Attitude towards Women Scale and the Recognition and Recall questionnaires. The questionnaires are estimated to take no more than 30 minutes to complete. 

  Your consent to be a research participant is strictly voluntary and should you decline to participate or should you choose to drop out at any time during the study, there will be no adverse effects.  If you are a student there will be no effect on your grades.

The risks of involvement in this study are minimal and include the participant being exposed to music videos that are high in sexual content.  It is also possible that some participants may be offended by some of the sexually explicit music videos. The following procedures will be used to minimize these risks: If you do not feel comfortable with the content of this music video, you may discontinue the study. There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this study; however, your participation will contribute to research in the area of psychology.  If you are a student you may be able to receive extra credit or class credit for your participation.  Print a copy of the last page of this study as proof of  your participation.

As a research participant, information you provide is anonymous, that is, no names or other identifiers will be collected. allows researchers to suppress the delivery of IP addresses during the downloading of data, and in this study no IP address will be delivered to the researcher. However, does collect IP addresses for its own purposes. If you have concerns about this you should review the privacy policy of before you begin.

By completing and submitting this electronic survey you are acknowledging that you are at least 18-years-old and that you voluntarily agree to participate in the study.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the study or your participation in the study, you may contact me Shannon Riley by email at or my research supervisor Dr. Pamela Hall at You may also contact the Institutional Review Board point of contact at Barry University, Barbara Cook, by phone at (305) 899-3020 or by email at

By clicking continue, you consent to participate in this study.

Continue ONLY when finished. You will be unable to return or change your answers.