Public perception of young adolescents who commit violent crimes: A comparison of those with or without a diagnosis of conduct disorder




Title of Study: Public perception of young adolescents who commit violent crimes: A comparison of those with or without a diagnosis of conduct disorder


Who is conducting the research?

Erica Ackerman, Barry University,, (516)-361-3856

Linda Bacheller, Barry University,, (305)-899-4576


What is the study purpose? You are invited to participate in an online study aiming to assess whether a diagnosis of conduct disorder affects the public perception of young adolescents who commit violent crimes.


Am I eligible to participate? We are seeking 135 participants aged 18 years or older.


What does my participation involve? You are asked to take a demographic survey, read an information sheet, read a scenario, take a survey, and answer a question on a conviction sheet. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


What will be asked? Participants will be asked questions that are based off of the information in the scenarios that participants will read prior to taking the survey. Participants will be asked to respond to various statements using (1) strongly disagree to (5) strongly agree. The participants will also be asked whether or not they feel the subject in the scenario should be convicted or not based off the information.


What are the benefits? While there will be no direct benefit to you, information that you provide will contribute to our knowledge of whether a diagnosis of conduct disorder elicits feelings towards pro-punishment or pro-rehabilitation.


What are the risks? There are minimal risks.


What will be done with my information? The information you share will be anonymous and will only be used for research purposes. All information will be protected as required by the Barry University Institutional Review Board, which oversees all University research. No names will be included in any presentation or publication of the study findings. We may use or share your research information for future research studies. If we share your information with other researchers, we will not share any information that can directly identify you. These future studies may be similar to this study or completely different. We will not ask for your additional consent to use the de-identified data in future studies.


How can I withdraw from the study? Your participation in this study is voluntary. You can refuse to answer any questions and you are able to withdraw at any point by closing your web browser before you submit.


Will I be compensated for participating? There is no compensation for participating in this study.


How can I get more information? For more information, or if you wish to receive a summary of the study findings, you may contact the researchers through their contact information listed above.


Certification: The Barry University Institutional Review Board (IRB) has reviewed and approved this research. If you wish to discuss your rights as a research participant, you may contact Jasmine Trana ( or 305-899-3020), who is the Barry University IRB Point of Contact.

I understand what this study is about, that my participation is voluntary, that I can end my participation at any time without penalty, and that completion of the survey will indicate my consent to participate. Please click [NEXT] to access the survey. Thank you. 

This project has been approved by Barry Universities IRB, protocol number 1716883-1.

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